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When ordering a "made to order product" payment is to be received once an agreement is made to begin work. This is typical of most transactions when purchasing a handcrafted item online. You will be informed as to the approximate lead time you can expect until project is complete and sent out. At times there may be some existing inventory available, and you may want to order it with no requested changes. In this case it will be shipped out with no delays according to the agreed method of shipping. Most popular method is Priority Service, USPS. You will receive the product in the design that the pictured item suggests. Whichever way you choose to purchase the item you are interested in, CC Custom Leatherworks wishes to sincerely thank you for choosing us as your "go to" global marketplace for quality leather!

It is the policy of CC Custom Leatherworks to deliver a product our customer's will be happy with. As such we work hard to insure that workmanship is top quality and all hardware, stitchings, linings, stains, dyes, etc will perform as intended. As such, our guarantee applies to each of these cases. If there is a problem let us know by emailing us, and we will make it right. This is a limited guarantee the applies for the first year.  If there are any issues due to normal wear and use I will repair the item free of charge.  You simply pay for shipping.  (Please be sure to also enclose $15 to cover the return shipping)! After the first year, there will be an additional charge assessed the covers that particular repair of that item. In all other cases, there are no implied refunds where there are no defects, and as such are not subject to this guarantee. In cases such as these, we will, on a "case by case" basis, consider the options for said buyer that acts in the best interest of both CC Custom Leatherworks and the customer.

CC Custom Leatherworks strives to document every communication, so there are minimal to no issues between the customer and manufacturer of said item due to any lack of information expressed before a product is made or sold as already represented in our inventory. We always encourage asking as many questions as possible so that a full understanding exists as to what is expected when Item is shipped to the customer. 
For Custom or "special" orders, note that price of an inventoried item may differ from your preferred order because of differing amount of tooling or materials used to make your product. CC Custom Leatherworks, reserves the right to make judgements of cost variances from that of any advertized product in our inventory. All advertized products are priced as best described both by text and pictures, and will remain as indicated for future representations of same product as best judged by CC Custom Leatherworks, whether bought individually or in multiple quantity.

Last Updated February 19, 2016