​                     ACE OF SPADES SOLO SEAT

​This seat is available with a seat pan of your choosing that I will order for you (up to $40) for seat pans above this amount, price will be adjusted accordingly - if $50, then add $10 to total cost of $320. If providing your own seat pan, contact me for shipping instructions, cost here is then $270 plus your own shipping both ways.  This solo has several unique features in its crafting. First, the upper and lower sides are fully covered in leather. The seat also features both rivets and lacing together. Rivets are antique brass-plated. The lacing itself was done with a "double-loop" style stitch. Leather is 8-9 oz cowhide and covered in an antique brown stain finish. The foam padding inside uses a 1/2" thick closed-cell foam pad, which not only repels moisture, but protects against mold and mildew. "Closed cell", a foam-padding type highly preferred in the industry, describes the padding surface as consisting of thousands of tiny bubble-like structures that prevent water from accumulating in the material itself, and will act as a barrier.
I can also work off a seat pan of your choice, using a closed-cell neoprene foam inner padding which is one of the best materials in the marketplace today for moisture or mildew resistance.You can order this same design as is with the CC Custom Leatherworks Banner tooled in, or you can click on the the custom order tab and describe with pictures the design you have in mind.  If you provide your own seat pan, this tooling design with rivets is priced at 
Rates will be dictated by amount of tooling and materials used. When the details are worked out and agreed upon, the next step is to send in your money order and seat pan. I will let you know the lead time needed to complete your project. Thanks again, and it will be a pleasure and an honor for CC Custom Leatherworks to  be chosen as part of your custom build!   ​​                         


Adjustable Custom Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets will never go out of style using the "right words" such as that world-renowned american motorcycle icon, Harley Davidson, and its establishment in 1903. Or personalize it with your own initials and date of birth (or establishment in the world!) Whichever words are "right" for you, you'll always be in style to those who support the age-old art of leathercrafting!

This particular bracelet shown, made of cowhide leather and stained in an acrylic-based finish and clear coat is adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5" in length. Made to order. Message me for a custom order. Available in 4 finishes: antique dark brown (as shown), antique medium brown, antique black, and antique mahogany.  Free Shipping for USA only.   
(for shipping outside USA click on the contact menu item above then click on the orange etsy tab and place order on the bracelet listed on that page!)   $30.00   

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​​   CCCustom Leatherworks


These Leather grips are tightly stitched at the seams to the black rubber of each throttle and hand grip, resulting in a firm, slip-free surface. Available in brown, chocolate, black, and ivory, and choice of chrome or black throttle grips. Metal is billeted aluminum, and come in 1" diameter. Study the pictures carefully.  Note the set screws in the left side grip, and the two-setting cable stops on the right side throttle grip. This is designed to fit most applications for Harley Davidson and any aftermarket handlebars of a 1" diameter. Does not come with sleeve inserts or anything other than what is shown in the pictures...   $75.00