Custom Leather Key Fob

With so many greater more important things to worry about in our lives-Why have to worry about a key ring??
These key rings are low profile, 2.5" length and takes up the least space whether in the ignition of your bike or in your pocket!
The leather is sturdy and tough, doubled over and held in place with rivets. In simple terms, it's designed to last for many years in all kinds of weather conditions with very minimal wear; exactly what CC Custom Leatherworks is known for. Consider some "fancy- shmanshi" key fob that will lose its appearance in a short time and show its wear, and then go with this top-quality brand! Finish is available in antique dark brown, medium brown, black, or mahogany. (See color reference in pics when placing order). Your choice of rivet color via the options tab. Add this to your list of items that contribute to more carefree, low-stress living in 2019 and beyond!.
​ $25.00


This is a memo pad cover that measures 6" height by 3" width when closed. It is part of the Cherry Blossoms collection of notebook covers also listed in the online store. the cover features intricate toolings of cherry blossoms in acrylic leather paint. it is finished in an antique mahogany finish as shown in the pictures, and 4 color variations are available through the options tab at top. It is stitched with a synthetic sinew that lays flat between the stitch holes and presents a nice sophisticated appearance. This sinew has a tensile strength of 50lbs and is extremely tough yet durable. Will last many years with minimal care. Pen and memo pad not included.  $75.00

​​   CCCustom Leatherworks