Ever wonder about the process of transforming the upholstery of your solo seat into a custom leather one? There are several ways to do this. First, consider that at some point you way wish to put your bike up for sale, but don't see having to sell the custom seat that you spent good money on aside from having it made to order, along with it! For this solution, simply sandwiching the existing upholstery, cushion, and seat pan between the two leather pieces may be the way to go. The upper leather portion is simply stitched to the lower part. The standard 4 bolt holes of the set pan are made in the lower leather portion and secured to the seat pan itself. If you are handy, you can unlace the stitching when you are ready to sell the bike and "hopefully" have left the original seat intact with perhaps a little more luster! Although there should be no movement of the leather upon the original upholstery as it has been used, best to have protected it by covering with a soft cloth.

Option two is consider purchasing an alternate seat pan. Many types are sold on Ebay in the $30 to $50 dollar range for example. Not bad an option to consider. Next,, one can decide on the thickness of foam cushioning desired. I use only the closed cell neoprene foam padding type as it is much more resistant to any moisture, mold or mildew - in any case, thick or thin, the result is as much about style as it is comfort. You may find "thinner padding" the way to go in a bare bones show quality oriented bike, so if you are not one to go on long cruises, or maybe you already have a mono shock beneath the seat(?) -- Again, simply more options to consider to suit one's taste...

Through CC Custom Leatherworks, I can either have you send me your existing "seat to be covered in its entirety", or seat pan OR you can keep what you have, and go with a seat pan you've picked out online. Once an agreement is worked out, I can order it direct as part of the total package of what you are looking for. 
I currently have a tooled leather design that includes scrolls, western floral and the CC Custom Leatherworks Banner as you see in the pic. Or send in your design preference as an image that I can download and we can take it from there!

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